Coffee with cardamon pods

In the next few posts you will find some recipes and ideas for brunch! Inspiration for these recipes was my friend Kally (@kallykally_) from ! Her blog is full of interesting topics and fantastic photos! I always enjoy reading her posts! So today we had brunch together with some Greek coffee with cardamon pods and honey! The cardamon pods give the coffee a special and delicious taste! We had rawreos, chocolate truffles and poached eggs on avocado toast! All new recipes that we will share with you both here and on Kally’s blog! 

But first coffee ….


(For 2 cups)

2 teaspoons good quallity Greek coffee (I always buy mine from Kougioulis coffee shop on Chios click here for link)

1 teaspoon of honey (for medium sweetness, add one more if you like your coffee sweet)

A few cardamon pods

2 espresso sized cups of water


Add all ingredients in a small pot. Heat over medium heat and stir well. You must remove the pot from the heat before it boils. 

It is really important that you stay close and watch the pot, when you see the coffee slightly begins to raise it is ready! Remove from heat immediately and serve in small cups!




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